customer/vehicle type   unladen mass   gross mass  
drag coefficient   windward area   tire radius or model  

final ratio

if you have  transmission please fill in the next two gear i    gear ii   
maximum gradeability%               speed at the maximum gradability      
maximum speed   accelerating ability(seconds to some speed) km/h driving mileage  
battery type plumbic acid/lifepo4/  ternary   battery ah   battery voltage/range  (don't have to fill out the battery voltage range if   you already know   the battery type)   
auxiliary battery voltage ‘12/24 if there is a whole vehicle controller (yes/no) communication requirements can-2.0-b
motor power you hope   maximum torque of the motor   maximum speed of the motor  
the cooling system of motor   otation direction when facing the output shaft of the motor  clockwise/counterclockwise the weight of the motor  
motor installation space the largest diameter x maximum length the motor flange size   transmission drawings  
if there is a high voltage distribution box (yes/no) precharge inside the  controller(y/n) (yes/no) the controller cooling way  
controller installation position    controller installation space length x width x height outlet direction of power line  
vehicle arrangement diagram at least plan related to the motor, electric control 
the vehicle wiring diagram at least the wiring diagram related to the motor, electric control, high voltage distribution wiring diagram